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Laboratório de Simulação Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto Universidade de São Paulo


The introduction of Simulation as an active teaching methodology in the undergraduate courses offered by FMRP-USP was the basis for the establishment of LabSim.

The interest in centralizing resources in the LabSim has been proven and currently several courses already use the resources of the laboratory.

LabSim has its Internal  Rules by the Undergraduate Committee and the Congregation of FMRP-USP and they are documented in the Process FMRP-USP 2012.1.13958.1.5.

There is a specific form for the development of didactic activities at LabSim.

All demands for courses to be developed at LabSim are evaluated by the Laboratory Committee. To start a new activity, the user must formalize the request and schedule an appointment with a member of the Committee to ensure uniformity of methodology, as well as to clarify the resources available and arrange the scheduling.

The Committee shall be referred regarding non-curricular undergraduate courses and medical residency, since there is the encouragement for these courses to be formalized as University Extension Courses  according to USP rules.

LabSim has also been used for Post Graduate courses in Medical Education and it is involved in USP Projects dedicated to teaching such as the PEEG.

List of courses that regularly use LabSim:



  1. RCG 247 –First Aid and Prehospital Care
  2. RCG 314 – General Semiology
  3. RCG 321 – Clinical and Surgical Techniques
  4. RCG 432 – Digestive System
  5. RCG 454 – Woman’s Health
  6. RGG 511 – Nervous System
  7. RCG 458 – Emergency Medicine
  8. RCG 513 – Emergency and Traumatology Internship I
  9. RCG 611 – Emergency and Traumatology Internship II


  1. RFO 3309 – Speech Therapy in Nursery
  2. RCG 4006 – Chest Physical Therapy
  3. RFO 3327 – Otoneurology and Rehabilitation of Vestibular Disorders
  4. RCG 3008 – Assistive Technology, Adaptive Resources and Occupational Therapy
  5. RCG 3003 – Initiation to Health

POST GRADUATE COURSES (Specialization, Master degree, Doctorate)

  1. Internal Medicine (Marcos Borges)
  2. Cardiology (Minna Romano)
  3. Nursing Training HC Criança (Fábio Carmona)
  4. AED and CPR training for USP community (Antonio Pazin – Maria Célia)
  5. Surgery League (MED)
  6. Trauma League (MED)
  7. Medical Training HC Ultrasound-guided puncture (Valdair – Ana Paula Carlloti)
  8. Recording for Neonatal Nursing Team Training
  9. Recording for Various Medicine Disciplines
  10. Faculty members training for 6th year Exam
  11. Graduate Subject (Antonio Pazin)